Make every hour happy hour.

Why let time constraints dictate your social plans? With the FUZED card, exclusive perks are an around-the-clock affair. Eat, drink, and be merry - day, night, or in the twilight hours between.


Nest without cracking your nest egg.

From finding your perfect home to making your home perfect, the perks available to FUZED card owners help make the dream of home ownership a reality.


Why wait for a special occasion? Pamper yourself today.

Focus on everyday beauty from the inside out by taking advantage of the special perks available to cardholders. With the FUZED card, runway looks are always within reach, so you never have to think twice about spoiling yourself - from coiffed head to polished toe.


Add some adventure; lose the hassle (and the bulge!).

Mix up the old gym or pavement-pounding routine and put a unique spin on your workout plan with access to a range of one-of-a-kind fitness options. With the exclusive perks available to FUZED card owners it’s no sweat to keep yourself in tip-top shape all year long.


Enjoy permanent guest list status.

With privileged access to one-of-a-kind experiences, be it across town, or the across the world, the FUZED card gets you in the door, or into the outdoors.


Make every celebration a VIP experience.

Avoid the "I Do" IOUs and blowout blues—the only thing blown away should be your guests’ expectations, leaving your budget firmly intact. From weddings to milestone bashes, with the FUZED card make every guest feel like they’re on the VIP list.


Show the world you’ve arrived.

Ride in style - and stress-free - by taking advantage of special automotive products and services rates available to FUZED members.


Focus on the big picture.

With perks that keep your business running smoothly, turn your attention to the things that matter. Use the FUZED card to take your business to the next level with exclusive access to top-notch professional services.


Show the little ones some love.

Whether your brood is of the two-legged or four-legged variety, the FUZED card’s got you covered. Treat your tiny crew with access to special services and products made especially for them.

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Welcome to Fuzed

FUZED is Toronto’s Ultimate Lifestyle Privilege Card offering you awesome perks to a network of hand selected quality local and national businesses. We understand your lifestyle needs are multifaceted, and it’s our mission to assist and cater to your everyday wants and needs. We've made the FUZED card what you want it to be; it's your line bypass, guest list access, and concierge keeping you up-to-date on fantastic businesses to show your love to. It's your Lifestyle Privilege Card - It's FUZED.

To our BUSINESS PARTNERS - Welcome to the FUZED Family.
To our FUZED CARDHOLDERS - We welcome you as a FUZED Friend.

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